Vulnerability and Love

away-1605990_960_720I’ve been thinking about vulnerability a lot lately. Recently, I had a really fun experience. I felt connected to community, feeling expansive beyond my norm with both known and unknown people. I also felt pain about the parts of me that shrink, that don’t quite open up.

I woke up the next day feeling the pain even more so. I really didn’t know what to do with the part of me that feels wounded and protected. Especially since expansiveness feels so much better. I also have a running story that others just don’t feel the vulnerability that I do and that they are more connected. Perhaps it’s true, but the story deepens my sense of isolation when I’m feeling this way.

The next morning, as I lay down at the end of my yoga practice still feeling the vulnerability, I realized I could simply be in acceptance and kindness towards this feeling. Immediately, that uncomfortable feeling shifted into an experience of kindness and care towards myself.

Soon after, I realized that being vulnerable is a part of being human. There is no one who doesn’t feel vulnerable in their lives. We can cover up those vulnerable parts of ourselves in ways that they get hidden from us. And, we all do that too because the experience of just feeling vulnerable is so uncomfortable, painful and isolating.

I noticed as I shifted in kindness towards my own vulnerability that I could connect with the vulnerability on a more global human level. I felt more connected with humanity.

That experience didn’t last as long as I would have liked – forever! Though, I have a desire to live in a way where I can truly be with my vulnerability and connect with the vulnerability in others. Imagine what a world it would be if we walked around seeing each other’s vulnerabilities in a way that feels safe? If we saw even the most difficult, hardened people in a way that we connected with their vulnerabilities? We would all be walking around feeling tender and with layers of protection softening and melting. We would all probably feel a lot more human. I know I would.

How do we get there? There are so many paths. I’m grateful to know so many people walking on that path in a way that resonates deeply with them. I invite you to check in with yourself about how you come to open to your own vulnerability with kindness and care? Is there a part of you that is wanting that now? Can you say yes and offer it or set an intention to offer it?

In Soul Love meditation, you connect with your soul and drink in it’s unconditional love for you. The parts of you that are open, the parts that are dry, the parts that are vulnerable, imperfect, judgmental, wrong, etc. You get the point. The meditation is a love fest with the intention that spontaneously more of this will be available to you as vulnerable feelings arise in the moment.

May we all flourish in kindness, care, and love.



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