Tumultuous Times and Having a Vision


On collective and individual levels lately, there are many tumultuous feelings. We may be feeling like we’re up against strong internal programs and patterns. Because they’re so well practiced and strong, it can be challenging in those moments to connect with the greater truth. At the same time, just a moment of witnessing and space can bring up immense gratitude because we’re no longer identified to the degree we have been for years or decades.

In moments of feeling stuck in patterns, we might wonder why we are on the path of transformation. We may feel envious of people who seem to be breezing through their lives unscathed or seemingly freer from those core wounds that arise for us. We forget in those moments what a blessing and gift it is to be on this path and even to have moments where we’ve felt like we have no choice but to engage in inner work. The stuckness in our patterns are opportunities to move past those patterns into something new.

This loving universe is guiding our journeys into our higher selves. It is incredible to start to notice the universe responding with choices that are resonant with the current vibration. Wow! This is co-creation and law of attraction. The trick is it’s fun when we are playing with it, not when we are trying to accomplish something really serious. Why? Because then we end up getting attached to certain results from the universe and not really trusting in the magic of it all. Even looking at this beautiful picture of mountains and nature — it’s magical. What mind could create this with it’s limited vision?

So, what does it mean to have a vision, especially during these tumultuous times when things can feel wrong or hopeless or disempowering? Having a vision means to connect within to the essence of what you are wanting. It is connecting to the deeper qualities and allowing those to resonate within your body. And then offering it to the universe to respond.

I invite you to take a few moments to reflect today. Going beyond the limitations, patterns, and programs, what is your heart desiring? Take a moment to check in with the quality that you are longing for. Allow yourself to ask for the quality. Or, simply play with imagining having the quality, allowing your body to feel it.

Given how much fear and hopelessness is in the collective these days, we can contract. Having a sense of community and connection can really support us in feeling held. In Creating Communities of Love Meditation, you will connect with your soul and connect with the souls of people in your communities past, present, and future. You will get to expand your sense of connection with others.

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