Moving from Struggle to Finding the One with Joy



I’ve been having a lot of juicy conversations lately about relationships. It’s magical for two people to choose to be in relationship together and to continue to choose it over the long term in a way that feels authentic and truly satisfying.

After all, we experience our deepest vulnerabilities in relationships. That is because residing in our desire for relationship are some of our deepest longings and our deepest wounds. Added in is the mystery of how each one of us is designed to engage with relationships and how they come together.

It has been so incredibly revealing to unveil some of the mystery looking at Human Design in the context of our relationships. Human Design is a system of self knowledge that helps us to see ourselves. Kind of like looking at our genetic code; it’s what we’re born with. Suddenly, the patterns that we carry, like whether we look for relationships or not and how we choose to engage with others in relationships, start to make total sense in the picture of who we are. It is so empowering to get to see how we are designed to be. No faults. No need to beat ourselves up. Instead, we end up feeling seen. And, with that, feelings of self acceptance arise.

Are you someone who falls in love quickly, at first sight often and then need to engage in various ways with the relationship to see if it’s truly right for you? Are you someone for whom having a soul mate relationship is deeply important to feel satisfied in your life? Are you someone who needs to be seen and invited into relationship? Are you someone for whom it’s ground shattering when a relationship ends? Are you someone who takes your time to really get to know the other before knowing whether you want to engage in relationship with the other?

These are some of the answers that are available looking at your Human Design chart. Some of this can feel like yeah, I already know that! However, there are so many different ways we all relate internally that seeing that there are ways different than the one that we most identify with can in itself be healing.

Additionally, there are even more layers of richness looking into the design of the other person in relationship and their style of relating. As you might imagine, it is deep and complex to understand our human relationships. However, once we see who we are, it creates space for us to see others as they are. Human Design helps us to do just that.

Are you someone who has done a good amount of inner work and are still struggling to find your perfect partner? I invite you to check in with yourself and your desire to stop struggling and to open yourself up to allowing yourself to receive that partnership. Our desires are our fuel, and staying connected with them is so important to truly having more of what we want in our lives.

By the way, I help people to see who they truly are, be in acceptance of themselves, and shift their mindset in powerful ways so that calling that relationship in can feel joyful and even playful. So, whether you’re feeling hot in your desire or feeling cool because of some unresolved internal blocks, I would love to see you get some support so that you can attract your heart’s desire. What would it be like for you to be in a space of expansion and clarity as you move forward towards your desires?



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