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  • horizons (1)Are you avoiding making some changes that you know you need to make?
  • Do you ever feel like no matter how much work you’ve done, there are parts of you that just won’t change?
  • Do you feel like although you’re a generous, caring, loving person who is there for others, you’re not feeling met and valued in your relationships?
  • Or you’re trying to be “good” and “spiritual”, but you’ve lost pieces of yourself and you don’t know how to find them again?

I work with people who have self knowledge, depth and self understanding but may at times struggle with aspects of their lives where their spiritual beliefs do not integrate with their day to day lives. You aren’t alone in this. We all struggle at times in our lives where we need spacious and accepting support in order to find our way through a challenge and back into ourselves, our joy, depth and wisdom. It can be challenging at times to stay present and inquire within our stuck places, our hurts and pains, to feel these places in our bodies. That’s where having the presence and support of another person can give you the support to stay, to allow the unfolding of your truth, to come into deeper intimacy with ourselves.

In our work, I bring my presence and curiosity, to create a safe space where you can be with your experience. I provide energetic support so that you can reconnect with your natural self.

May this be a the path of self love and of coming home to who we truly are.

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The cave you most fear to enter contains the greatest treasure. - Joseph CampbellI work with people who are terminally ill and/or in process of transitioning. I also work with people dealing with pressure and stress who want to heal themselves with the support of spiritual practices. People often meditate in order to experience a loosening of the grip of the ego and open up to our true nature.

When dealing with terminal illness and/or process of transitioning or when dealing with suffering, there is an element of opening up that occurs as we face our loss of ego as we know it and the loss of our body as a home.

I offer support through helping you get aligned with this process so that you can experience more flow and less pain and resistance. I journey with you into the terror, the mystery, and the openings you are experiencing.

  • Are you experiencing feeling alone in your journey?
  • Are you shifting through feelings of pain, terror, loss of control and also joy, freedom, and expansion?
  • Are you wanting to experience deep support that is available to you as you transform?
  • Do you want to be at ease, peace, even feeling playful and joyful through your journey?

I want you to know it’s possible to tap into all the gifts of this journey and I can support you to access those gifts within.

 For more information about how I work with the dying, please click here. I work with people all over the world offering mentoring services. 


Mentoring is an intensive month long program. If you are wanting intense support in a certain area of your life, think of me as your personal “trainer”, accountability partner, and buddy.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.The purpose of mentoring is to offer increased support to radically shift your mindset so that you can move towards what you want. It consists of 4 sessions (45-50 minutes long) that occur weekly.

You would also receive a 10-15 minute additional brief session in between to support you through stuckness, resistance, or needing a boost. Additionally, you would have access to email check ins with me. Alternatively, mentoring could be one session that is 60-65 minutes long with no additional brief session.

In the mentoring relationship, sessions can occur on online/by phone or in nature to induce increased support and movement of patterns, if that feels right.

These 28 days are used to powerfully shift yourself. This program is not for those who are looking to try something. It is only for those who are looking to shift internally a certain area in their life and are committed to doing daily coaching related exercises during the duration of the month.

At the end of the intensive mentoring and depending on your needs, we would speak about what supports you have or need to continue the momentum during our last session.

In order to sign up for intensive mentoring, we would schedule a brief complimentary consultation.

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OUR True essence is love. (1)*On hold currently*

I offer guided meditations. Come to one, some, or all. The meditations include brief introductions/check ins, followed by a guided meditation 15-30 minutes long, and check outs. Total time is 40 minutes or less. All you have to do is sign up and I send out connect in information in an email a few days prior to the meditation.

What you will get from the meditations:

  • connect more deeply to who you really are
  • increase your sense of well being.
  • increase your vibration so that you can easily attract the abundance you desire.
  • increased connection with other souls as well as with a world that is abundant, where we can coexist peacefully and lovingly.