Navigating Energetically Challenging Times

Full Moon Energies

I sit in a daze. My mind is racing and it is challenging to stay present in my body. My sacrum is tense, and I feel better leaving my body. Instead of the usual uplifting and inspiring messages I see on Facebook feed, it is filled with election responses from people. I don’t understand what is happening or what the election means. I cannot grasp it.

I look towards those whom I respect to understand what the greater reality is and to make meaning. Looking at those responses, I’m still left feeling like something’s missing. So many people are expressing their outrage, grief, desire to move to love, or to taking action or a stand. Yet none of it seems to be speaking to my experience.

Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve entered into a dimension where I feel lost and in the unknown. I feel like a child who can’t understand the world around her. Often times, I feel heavy and sleepy. I meditate and fall asleep at the end of the meditation. I move my body to release its tensions and fall asleep at the end of the movement. There is a blanket of numbness that has overcome me.

There are moments that I touch into the warmth of my heart as I call out to the goddess. Moments when I feel my love for nurturing others in strengthening their connection with their deeper self and the divine. In those moments, I anchor. I enter my body and this planet. The collective energy and chaos around me becomes tolerable. That is before I’m swept up again into sleepiness.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re wading through energies and states. These days, I’m taking extra time to be in the inner movement, to use these times as an opportunity to strengthen my resolve and to shift towards the divine whenever I can.

If you are a sensitive person who feels deeply and picks up on the energies around you, I invite you to take extra time to take care of yourself. I encourage you to utilize these energies to build your muscles in connecting with the divine in whatever way is accessible for you. I urge you to remember that your intention and effort are more important than any results you achieve.

I invite you to honor your sacred journey that is not only for the benefit of yourself, but for the benefit of all beings everywhere. Whether or not you see any impact of it externally, when you step into presence with your inner experience, it has a powerful and settling effect. You are in kind connection with yourself. And your offering is making room for others to choose kind connection with themselves.

I invite you to open up to connect with, receive, and offer love out into the universe.

May the gentleness and fierceness of love available in this universe touch us all and this existence.



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