Going into the Darkness

This is the crucial time to pay attention to our mindset to attract what we want and create the life we want! I’m there. I’m really there. I’ve decided I want life to mirror myself as I am, effortlessly. In fact, I’ve been refusing to step into something that just isn’t big enough to hold me, with all my quirks and all my undiscovered gifts. At the same time, I feel pulled into the darkness.

Most times, the darkness opens as I suddenly become aware of some painful aspect of my present or past that I carry within. It’s pretty easy to ruminate, run some stories when this arises. However, when I choose presence by feeling it and taking it to the universe (sometimes as a conversation), the darkness becomes deeper, richer. It is a darkness of the cosmic womb in which this existence lives. It is a place where I travel out. It is a profound aloneness that is not lonely, like a deep silence and solitude. It is Home. It is soft, like a dark presence that touches me gently inside, outside, and in the air, embracing me.

Here in this darkness, my perspective on existence changes. I do not know what this existence is – is it a loving universe or are we part of some pointless play by incarnating on earth? I see myself caught in a sort of hell, creating repeatedly painful patterns through my life. I see that it is true not just for me, but that so many are in pain through lifetimes. I’m angry because we’re set up – we forget who we truly are, because that is how our egos form. I see each one of us bumping into the other, spreading what is vibrating in us – love or our separation from love. I cry, asking the Divine Mother how her children could suffer so much. I cry, questioning if She really is the Mother, why she did not guide the majority of humanity to be and spread love instead of the separation from love. Does the Divine Mother really exist? Or is She simply a projection of the mind? I cry, because She is supposed to be Goddess and yet I do not have faith. I question why do I even exist?

Yet, there is this longing within me to take you there, to travel out to this darkness with ones who have not yet been in it for so many reasons. The reason is not because it’s painful to go into the darkness, but because it opens up a world wider than anything I’ve known and dissolves thoughts and concepts. Not to mention, another reason is for a delightful exploration of this universe. AND, because this is the place I know where we connect with existence and can see our choices of love or not love. I don’t know why I exist, but I see in this cosmic womb that at the deep core of me is Love.

May I open to the Love that I am and share it. May we all open to the Love that we are and spread it as we bump into each other in this world. Hmm…sounds a lot like what I’ve heard the Divine Mother say. And yeah, what a universe that would be, to create the life that we live on this planet that’s focused on Love when we turn our mindset that way at this crucial time! So, my friends, do not be afraid to go into the darkness. Let yourself feel and be moved by the pain or the silence or the night. Allow yourself to dive into the darkness, because of the incredible gifts it has to bestow.

Much Love,

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