Expanding from Fear to Desire 2

lake-scenery-1365288_1920Fear is a big driver and is taking control these days. My Facebook feed is full of fear about elections and managing fear or making the best choices we can. Plenty of people are feeling powerless and enraged.

Quoting Abraham-Hicks “Isn’t it an interesting thing, a whole bunch of you are all twirled up and focusing on what you don’t want and broadcasting so much about what you don’t want, that all you’re getting is more of what you don’t want, and it’s getting louder and louder and louder…what you don’t want, what you don’t want…and we say, you cannot get to where you want to be from there. You cannot come into harmony with your own power as long as you are pushing against anyone, just decide what you’re for”.

In my personal life, I have been feeling a certain amount of fear as well. Not unlike our political climate, I keep hitting up against limits on what is possible and I am not liking any solutions that are visible to me. Since I offer my own energy into this collective energy and vice versa, it is of no surprise to see the paralleling of these realities.

What if, though, we start to shift our vibration? What would happen if we start to focus more purely on our desire? What if we choose to free ourselves from what we think our limited choices are? I’m not saying that one thought will shift the political climate tomorrow. However, I am saying what vibration we emit either personally within our own moment to moment feeling or in relationship to something much bigger starts to form a bigger vibration that will come into physical form, at least at some point in the future. That is what law of attraction teaches.

For me, it means getting clear on my desire. What if there is a way for me to show up authentically in this world, fully supported, in play and joy, and financially abundant? Do I really want to close that door as a possibility or do I want to stay in relationship with that desire? What if there is a way to have leadership that’s responsive, caring, honest, cooperative, and anything else that is of value to you? I know it can be difficult to focus on that, but do we want to close the door on that desire? If our vibrations that we offer create our realities, would we rather vibrate on fear or on our desires?

cherry-blossom-1318258_960_720Writing is a really great way to focus our desires. So, I invite you today to write down and possibly share with another what your desire is, free from the limitations the mind imposes. Let’s dream and let the universe figure out how our dreams will manifest and what form they will take. Part of what each one of us offers is where we are vibrating in this mix of challenges that are happening globally.

I also invite you to join me in my weekly meditations, as they support a shifting of vibration so that we can feel more full, nourished, bathed in high vibrational energies.

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2 thoughts on “Expanding from Fear to Desire

  • Nino Escobedo

    We some times get overwhelmed by certain situations that we don’t want,and we live it and relive it in our minds, trying to find a way to make it go away,focusing our energies on what we don’t want,that we get more of it.
    How to shift to anothet vibration? We know that we shouldn’t focus on what we don’t want, but is sometimes so overwhelming that we fall and get trapped in this vicious circle of wishing it to go away and by doing that, we attract more and more of the very things we don’t want.

    • ruchika Post author

      Nino, Thank you for your thoughtful response. You’re right, sometimes we do get stuck in a cycle or circle. How would it be to bring some acceptance to becoming stuck? Simply intending to accept or love what we don’t want shifts our vibration. It can take many small steps that lead up to bigger changes. Witnessing, intending towards love, and taking small steps are great ways to shift. You could also seek support with a friend or coach when you feel stuck.