Connecting with Departed Souls and Healing

pexels-photo-25316-largeThe group meditation this week was Soul Linking. I felt deeply honored and my heart felt full with everyone’s presence, sharing, openness, and bringing themselves so fully to the experience.

Soul Linking meditation supports connecting with others on the soul level, whether we want to increase love in our relationships, allow the soul work to move us from disharmony into greater ease and harmony, or connecting with departed loved ones. I was struck as a few people decided to connect with departed souls.

This brought me back to thinking about when my father passed away, how difficult that was for me. I was deeply longing and actually clutching or grasping to feel connected with him. My grasping, however, was keeping me from being present for the contact.

When I reached out for support, I was often told that his presence was available and felt by the other, but I couldn’t feel it. I was stuck in the grasping of what I wanted so much that I couldn’t receive it. On occasion and sporadically, I would spontaneously feel his presence. I would experience this as grace and with much gratitude. 

sunrise-616574_960_720Many months after my father’s transition out of his body, I was taught this soul linking meditation with healing exchange. I sat to meditate at night, in a room that wasn’t lit too brightly. I connected with my soul and called upon his soul. I found that I had so much to say to him, so much grief about being left in the world without him and tears were streaming down my face. I felt like I had been storing an endless supply of feelings.

Finally, I had an outlet for my feelings and also a way to connect with him. During that meditation, I also realized that I didn’t have much room for my father’s side of the exchange. I had not opened to receiving from him anything that he may have wanted or needed to communicate with me during that sitting. Yet, it was so significant to be able to call upon him and meet him. It was up to me to practice this meditation for myself.

Today, I’m struck how important that part of our work is. Whether it has been days, months, or years, many of us are feeling the call and are needing to connect with the ones who have departed, especially if we have had significant relationships with them, either on the physical or soul level. I also realize that there is healing available where those relationships have left us feeling hurt or alone. In fact, sometimes it can feel safer to do this healing work once someone has left their bodies. There is such a deep love, a well of love and healing that is available. 

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