Transformation Coaching

rainbowMany times we come to transformation when we are experiencing crisis or challenges in our lives.

We can continue for a long time to use transformation as a way of need, of getting through our challenges. We work hard and become serious spiritualists.

We even start to believe that we need crisis or challenges to transform. We have forgotten that transformation can occur on the path of struggle or the path of joy.

We end up working on fixing ourselves. Our egos are incredibly clever and co-opt even our spiritual connection.

In that process, we don’t allow ourselves to fully experience our inner expansion, therefore leaving out nourishment, play, joy, and pleasure from our lives.

solar-system-emergence-spitzer-telescope-telescope-41951-largeTransformation coaching is a way of shifting ourselves so that we open up to feel greater expansion and freedom.

It includes a sense of lightness and joy as we play and explore our relationship with the universe. It includes a feeling of self empowerment in our lives and a connection with the mystery of this life and universe.

We start to connect with our growth with Love rather than need or fear.

It does take commitment to be on the journey of transformation. However, as we become more aligned with what it is we truly want, that becomes our motivation.

You can feel empowered in your life. You can feel joy, play, and well being. I can support you in accessing your inner guidance, your inherent sense of play, joy, and love.


Transformation Coaching uses various tools including Law of Attraction and Human Design.