Being with the Dying


When you’re facing a terminal illness or an impending death, it can heighten feelings of being alone. It can be a challenge to be witnessed and held in the journey as only part of your experience is acknowledged by loved ones and friends.

Your own journey can be complex with experiences on different levels: the physical body experience, emotional processing, leaving behind loved ones, feelings of terror or fear, and the emergence of your soul in a more prominent and beautiful way.

You may also feel isolated and misunderstood with the limiting stories and beliefs about death, which is part of a natural cycle of our lives in these bodies.

Often, loved ones are on their own journeys and are doing their best to be with you, care for you, and are managing their own feelings and the overlays of stories about the dying process.

My experience with someone who has a terminal illness and is in process of dying has been a process of the dissolution of ego and the emergence of true nature. It has been a sacred and beautiful being with.

Since we are deeply identified with our egos, personalities, and our bodies, the letting go process is one of awakening as the grips of identification are loosened.

Deep support is available in the process, as the body starts to shift from loosening it’s ego identity and opens to the vastness, freedom, expansiveness, and unconditional love.

An inner wisdom and knowing deepens and unfolds. One example of this is whether conscious or unconscious, a person closer to the time of transition is aware if family members and/or loved ones have released and offered their final goodbyes.

sky-space-dark-galaxyDeath coaching occurs as you come to face with the conversation with death. It can be supportive to have someone present with you to be in the unknown, mystery, and feelings of terror, anger, and loss of control.

As the opening or awakening process is accelerated by terminal illness and impending death, you may become acutely sensitive and it can be supportive to be witnessed and reflected in your deeper and non-verbal states.

It is my honor to be with you as you delve into your journey. I hold the space as sacred, following you into the interior spaces that arise.

I understand spaces when you may need or want to talk and spaces when you simply want to be met in the depths of silence. We can explore tools that can bridge between harder feelings and the emerging feelings of joy, expansion, and freedom. As the journey continues, you may find an increased desire to being met fully in your in the moment experience or state.

Death is a surrendering, deep and expansive journey. It encompasses both the reality of our experiences on the physical level and as a soul.

May every soul’s journey be honored and celebrated in our sacred transitions, as we take form in this physical existence in our bodies and as we release the physical form, surrounded by Love.