Law of Attraction

What is Law of Attraction?IMG_0462

Law of attraction is a law that says ‘like draws unto itself like’. It is a law, just like the law of gravity. When you throw a ball in the air, it comes back down because of law of gravity.

Law of attraction is always working, whether we are conscious of it or not. Similarly, there are many similar laws, such as law of allowing, law of deliberate creation, law of sufficiency and abundance, law of pure potentiality, law of detachment, and the law of polarity.

What does all this mean? Simply, it means we create from the inside out. What we resonate on internally, we attract externally.

Law of attraction is not positive thinking. It is not making a manifestation list and waiting for it to happen. It is not visualization or affirmation.

Creating from the inside means shifting your vibration, having a feeling of what you want in your body and emotions. It means wanting what you want more than not wanting what you don’t want!

Why Transformation Coaching uses Law of Attraction as a Tool?

pexels-photo-68632We have learned to work hard towards our growth and often made ourselves a self improvement project.

Law of Attraction is a simple way of playing, being light, and enjoying our growth. It supports us to acknowledge our desires without getting attached to them.

It supports us to become aware of our mindset and how we are creating our lives with our thoughts and our beliefs. And, it shows us how to shift our mindset powerfully.

It gives us the tools to connect with this magical universe and the mystery of all that is unknown. Surrendering and connecting with greater love is more possible as we connect with these spaces opening us up to receiving incredible abundance from this universe.