Focusing on What You Want in the New Year

Happy New Year

Happy 2017!

On the last day of 2016, I attended a delicious meditation that was about what I wanted 2017 to be about. I got to sink into and connect into what essence or quality I wanted to experience or have more of in 2017. It was easy, as the last couple of weeks of 2016 were already prepping me into feeling what was missing and what I wanted to experience more of.

Sometimes when we connect with the law of attraction, we think of what we want to “have”, as in things. These same essential laws are even more powerful when we connect with our desire for a particular essence or quality. The reason for the increased power is because then we leave it up to the universe how we get mirrored back when we connect to a particular quality. Instead of our egos manipulating or attempting to control how this magical universe should bring us what we want, we connect with the quality and start experiencing fullness. And, the law of attraction says that the universe gives us more of what we focus on and how we feel.

What’s been coming up for you in the last few weeks? It could be a quality that the universe and your experience is guiding you to or it could be the absence or the contrast to the quality that is showing up in your experience. Both paths lead to the same thing.
In fact, the “loudness” of the absence or contrast experience can really help us to become clear about what we do want. Contrast can support us in a way that simply experiencing a quality we desire may not. I recently read that we sometimes create or take on difficult experiences in order to develop or strengthen qualities. And, that we take birth in this physical reality because of the qualities that can be cultivated through the density and challenges of living on this plane.

As your year progresses, I invite you to continue to orient towards your deepest desire for a particular essence. Know that between what your soul is longing for and how this universe manifests that you will be given many opportunities to develop the essence. This may happen either through grace of the essence flowing or through contrast. Even contrast is a part of your growth.

I would love to know and remember this, so I am offering it to you as well…You are deeply loved and held in this universe and by your soul. You are on your journey, a journey that is unfolding in right timing and in its perfection.

Looking forward to growing together with you this year.



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