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Dating as a conscious woman comes with its own perks and challenges. So many women on the spiritual path struggle with the feeling of divide between their spiritual path and dating. This sense of divide is real in many aspects. Often, we aren’t exposed to dating and relationships models that truly embody the type of relationships that are in line with our spiritual growth and evolution.

In order words, conscious women are not only dating, they are pioneering the path towards creating relationships that truly resonate with who they, what they truly want, and having relationships that fit their own individual paths in connection with the divine. Not only that, they are calling in relationships that shift and flow with their own inner evolution.

Often, there is a loneliness that can be experienced when women hide or are secretive about dating. Spiritual communities can sometimes seem judgmental about the desire to seek intimacy and contact in partnership, often creating a split between human desires and the attainment of liberation. This splitting exacerbates and makes the two more polarized, in a way devaluing the feminine aspect of spirituality. Yet, women are at the leading edge of discovering and defining feminine power as it intricately and with presence explores these edges and heals the split.

Dating as a conscious woman is first a process of inner exploration. A conscious woman knows that connection with another awakens energies within her in the contact. These energies are here to be explored, invited, and played with and she knows to take pleasure in the energies she is feeling rather than attaching to them or acting with them. She pays attention to those feelings, sensations, and thoughts that come up in the moment and whether they feel good to her or not.

A conscious woman listens to her intuition moment to moment and responds in accordance to her inner messages. She flows in her connections, feeling her way through her contact with another. She knows her own soul is like a river that flows, bends along the banks, and slides over rocks in her interactions. She follows her guidance as she pays attention to how the river within her flows in relationship to another.

A conscious woman knows that all that she feels and is picking up must be sorted to know what is hers and what is the other’s. She understands that when she intends to connect with someone that she is embarking on a journey of meeting the other beyond the physical plane. She knows she is playing on energetic and psychic realms with the other. And, she takes care of herself by listening within and honoring the times she wants to connect on the different planes and times she wants to separate from the other to feel her own pulse.

A conscious woman knows her connection with the divine and the sacredness of her sexuality. She feels her way, takes her time to listen to her soul, to even the quietest parts within her body and waits for a full yes in sharing deep intimacy with another. She knows she is free to do as she wants and she honors the beauty and sacredness of her soul and how she expresses and shares herself.

A conscious woman lingers so fully within herself that her experience with the other simply adds to the richness of her own being. As she revels in the fullness of her being, she invites the other to make contact, to join and meet her in richness and fullness together.

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