Are you a Martyr?

9XDH29XSFKSometimes I go through an experience, and simultaneously the witness internally is wondering if I’m experimenting. It is so interesting to watch. There are times when I consciously choose to experiment, or in my language “play”, with something. There are other times, however, when there is some kind of experience I go through, positive or negative, where I”m not consciously experimenting. What I find, though, is that I’m learning tremendously during the experience.

Most recently, I decided without any research to stop caffeine. How bad can it be, right? Caffeine leaves our system so quickly and I have read so much about the benefits of caffeine online. So, I’ll get a headache I think. Not so bad. It was an aim I took about a year ago, but actually ended up increasing my caffeine intake, so how exciting to quit!

During my detox, I do pretty well with the headaches, almost none. I sleep extra, also not so bad to get my rest. Then, my lower back is in pain and my legs are ultra tense and I can’t sleep because I’m tortured with pain when I lie down. Soon, I’m researching, I’m learning. This is what I learn within 3 days:

  • Caffeine detox is not recommended. It could result in lower back pain and tightening of leg muscles. It is better to reduce caffeine gradually. In order words, the impact of caffeine use is huge. Yay in celebration for the detox!
  • Caffeine results in a magnesium deficiency causing headaches and ligament issues. Massaging magnesium oil on legs helps reduce tension, and is a very effective way to add magnesium to the body.
  • I have an element of control over what I feel in my body, and I utilize meditation to become aware of reactivity and let it go as well as to transform my experience of the pain into moments of relief through dissolution of the body.
  • Acupuncture is not only great for the body, it helps me get in touch with buried feelings. Also, I get to try Willow Bark herbs to decrease inflammation and pain.
  • Being nurtured and nurturing myself is the most lovely experience.

I’m not quite sure what else I’ll learn or why I chose this experience.

The sneaky part of being a 3rd line profile in Human Design is 3rd lines learn through experimentation and experiences, consciously and unconsciously. It’s how 3rd line profiles are designed. Without the experiencing and experimentation, how would we truly learn and expand not only our personal knowledge, but the knowledge within this universe?

One way of looking at it is that 3rd lines are named Martyrs for exactly that reason why I needed to go through detox from caffeine and learn so much from it. Martyrs aren’t selfish in their existence. Everything they experience is for humanity, which means taking in the good and the bad to learn from. In fact, a proportion of Martyrs will universalize their experiences to be a benefit to others, because that’s one of the the two configurations of Martyrs in Human Design.

I would add this is where Law of Attraction can come in handy. What if a particular 3rd line profile decided to attract those experiences that are playful, joyful, and expansive to do research on? Really, if you are designed to be on this Earth to experiment, wouldn’t you like to orient yourself more towards experimenting with subjects like truly nurturing yourself, or having wonderful relationships, or allowing an abundance of money to come to you? I would.

Are you a martyr? How do you experiment? Are you aware of your experiment or feel victim to it? And so importantly, do you honor your role and your design in this universe? Please let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments. I would love to hear it!

Much Love,

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