What People are Saying

landscape-nature-forest-trees-largeI have more clarity around what is really important to me at this time in my life, with practices and steps to come more fully into integrity with it all outside of coaching sessions.

I feel deeply heard and held in unconditional acceptance, absent any sense that someone is trying to “fix” me. The feeling of spaciousness, permission, and safety to connect with my own inner knowing, guidance, and intuition.

Ruchika is skilled at powerful, deep inquiry, and processes that allow me to explore my personal inner landscape. Along with the sense of her genuine interest and curiosity, this makes for a very empowering and supportive experience. 

Sue A., California

I felt empowered after my sessions with Ruchika Mehta. With her guidance I was able to identify and acknowledge my strengths and explore my personal challenges. 

Ruchika suggested various tools to help me work through my challenges.  I felt fully supported by her throughout the process  and  together we celebrated the successes I achieved.

Thank you, Ruchika.

Cindy L., California

I love working with Ruchika! Through her careful listening, her playful spirit, and her gentle suggestions she has helped me realize parts of myself I had not even imagined. I feel completely safe revealing vulnerable aspects of myself.   Thank you Ruchika!

MW, Berkeley, California