Human Design

What is Human Design?humandesignmandala

Human Design is a personality assessment tool that reflects who you are and what strategy to utilize in making decisions and choices in life. It offers information about your incredible potential, gifts, and wisdom. It also reveals what your vulnerabilities, challenges, and pain may be. It incorporates Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese Iā€™Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

Utilizing your birth date, time, and place, a Bodygraph of your human design, i.e. your Human Design Chart is generated.

Human design shows us how we are designed as a unique part of the whole existence. It shows us how we interact with the energy from outside, that is how we take it in and how we transmit energies. In fact, human design often reveals that we end up living and feeling like who we are NOT rather than who we truly ARE.

A human design reading can benefit by showing and reflecting who we are as well as ways we may identify with who we are not. Also, we get to see how we are designed, what is correct for us and what decision making strategies are correct for us in order to build happy, successful life and relationships.

What is Healing by Human Design?

lion-wildcat-safari-africa-47036Our human design chart reflects where our potential pain and vulnerabilities are. But what do we do with that? Healing by Human design is a way of shifting patterns of pain and vulnerabilities that we experience in our lives. These patterns can manifest as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. We can struggle with our work, relationships, money, or illnesses.

Are you feeling stuck in certain patterns or recreating similar situations in your life? In human design, pain is seen as emerging from living our conditioning and imprinting rather than living out the truth of who we are. In order to live joyfully and abundantly, we have to break those energy patterns and heal them.

Imagine freeing yourself from feelings of low self-worth, feeling unlovable, living in way that is out of alignment or is inauthentic, or feeling burnt out, etc. Imagine living joyfully, abundantly, healthy, and feeling deeply supported on your journey. You can have it!