Ruchika is a licensed psychotherapist turned transformation coach, who works with people to shift their experience through play, joy, and love.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. (2)For many years, Ruchika worked with children and some grown ups with tremendously challenging lives and circumstances. What she discovered was that resilience in people was inherent within them, often covered up under layers and layers of what their environments reflected back to them.

The part of them that was resilient lay untapped. And, Ruchika saw the work as tapping into the inherent beauty and flowering of each person she worked with.

At the same time, through the years of personal experience with her father in his process of prolonged illness and death, Ruchika tuned in to an even deeper understanding.

When the ego isn’t fully built (in the case of working with children with trauma) or when illness breaks up layers of ego, there is a beauty and preciousness that shines through. While many people struggle with death, for Ruchika time with her father was like going for the “honey” — a delicious experience¬†of being in his presence.

water-rocks-stream-leaves-largeExperiences of heavy trauma or a terminal illness shatter our egos to support the shining through of our true selves. There are other ways to tap into ourselves so fully such as through practices of meditation and inner inquiry.

In the case of her father, the more his illness progressed, the more Ruchika tuned in to how powerful and capable her father was on the soul level. In those final months, she truly felt connected with her father on his journey of play, joy, expansion, and unconditional love.


Being with children with trauma, or someone ready to say yes to their inner transformation, or being with someone in transition can be so similar. Ruchika connects with the person beyond the ego, in the realms of mystery and silence.

Ruchika’s passion is to travel with others into those spaces, where each person can experience who they really are in the light of love.

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